The event date is up to you

You can choose any day of the year to organize your Generation Games edition. The event date is up to you.

Suggestions and tips

We advise you to set a preliminary date as soon as possible. So you can work towards this date. In case you can’t choose the date yet, it’s good to choose a certain period (month and year), while preparing the event.

Please keep in mind that you will need about 4-5 months preparation time. Preparation time also depends on the scale and the decision making process in your city. The edition itself can be set up quickly, with the right partners in the city.

Choose a day during the weekend, if you want to attract many teams and a good crowd.

GENERATION GAMES, LAUSANNE 2016 Photography: Julia Wimmerlin

Suggestions and tips

Since the event is outdoors, please think of the weather conditions in your city. What would be a good period of the year for your city?

A 1-day edition of the Generation Games is perfect! Most cities organize the event during 1 day. If you prefer the Generation Games to last for 2 or even more days, that’s possible as well. In case of more days, you need to arrange a bit more: storing materials overnight, more volunteers for example.

You could connect your event with a certain day of the year, like 23 June (International Olympic Day) or 1 October (International Day of Older Persons). But again: you have choose any day of the year!

So, do we have a date? ☺

GENERATION GAMES, LAUSANNE 2016 Photography: Julia Wimmerlin