A large international ‘family’

In any edition around the world, the city makes use of ready-to-use designs. The colors for each edition will be different, but style and look & feel are the same. The local editions are part of a large international ‘family’, each edition with a specific character. The designs underline this.

Suggestions and tips

You need to develop and print the following materials:

1. scorecard;
2. diploma;
3 banners/flags;
4. Generation Games SportsQuiz.

You can also think of t-shirts for the volunteers, silicone bracelets, that’s up to you.

The diploma: since every participant is a ‘winner’, we suggest that by completing all of the sports, the team members receive this certificate. You can of course also choose for a medal.

In the digital toolkit, you find designs for your logo, scorecard, banner, diploma, the Sports Quiz. Please print the materials in time.

The designs in the toolkit: to make it easy for you, and to have some consistency in design, some elements are fixed, you can add your texts and photos.

For the 193 UN member countries a logo is made, based on the colors of the country flag. Simply put in your city name and event-date.

You can always share your designs with us, we will have a look and perhaps give some suggestions.