Okay, let’s get started! First, it’s good to make an estimate of the scale of your edition. For example, to have a first idea of the number of participants you are aiming for. Depending on scale and ambition, you will probably need some kind of formal support and ‘green light’ by the city officials.

Suggestions and tips

Each city decides on the scale and ambition. Any scale is fine! Is about 500 participants your target? Sounds good! 2,000? Great as well! You probably know best for the local situation which ambition is realistic, and what you can handle. For a one-day edition of the Generation Games, 1,000 participants would be good, if you offer around 10-15 sports.

It’s good to inform and involve the local authorities. Like the sports department or events department. You know best who to involve. Especially when using a public space in the city: you probably need some permission, a green light, a formal ‘go’.

Good to know: the Generation Games does not cause traffic jams and streets being blocked. The small teams of around 4 persons walk through the city. It’s not a big running or cycling event in the middle of the street, having major traffic implications. So, a permit by the city should not be a problem!

Invite your Mayor to play a role in the event, like during the opening ceremony! Perhaps together with an Olympian, to officially kick-off the event.


TIP: connect the Generation Games with certain policies in your city: for instance, on healthy lifestyle, on tackling ageism, on inclusive society. And involve the relevant institutions and departments. The event can contribute to certain objectives in the city, in several fields.

The Generation Games is inclusive: participants of all ages, abilities, backgrounds taking part. Please make sure these and other principles are part of your edition.

TIP: during the process, please share your project plan with us, keep us informed. Our pleasure to give feedback. It’s good to start with a first sketch of a script for the event.

About financing your edition: it’s more about ‘realising’ than ‘financing’ the event. Many partners can contribute to the success of the event. With materials, expertise, people, enthusiasm. Please also see under 5. COORDINATION & PARTNERS and in the Questions & Answers section.