Good promotion is crucial!

Everyone in the city should know about the upcoming Generation Games event. Make a good communication plan, to get the event under the attention of the community and to have many enthusiastic participants!

Suggestions and tips

Develop you promotional and communication materials in time: please don’t start too late. Please do not underestimate this. It’s vital for the success of your event.

TIP: start promoting the event at least 6-8 weeks before event-date, invite the community to form a team: 3-5 players in a team (in each team, at least 2 generations!)

Start promoting the event in time! Especially for a first time edition in your city. People do not know about the event, so you need good, effective communication to draw attention and getting them to participate. Please do not underestimate this aspect! A good crowd is crucial for the success of your event!

Each city knows best how to connect with the locals, and which tools to use (flyers, social media, and so forth). Use many communication channels: social media, articles in the local newspaper, distribute promotional flyers at schools, and so forth.

UNICEF WAS PRESENT, ROTTERDAM 2012 Photography: Gidn Hendriksen

Start promoting the event at least 6-8 weeks before event-date, invite the community to form a team.

TIP: all the partners involved in the event can use their communication channels to promote the event.

Collaborate with partners in promoting the event: schools, sports clubs, volunteer networks: no cost, high impact. Also make use of existing Generation Games social media.

Make sure you have a good indication of the number of people and teams attending the event. You can use an on-line subscription page (Google Forms format).

MATERIALS FOR FOOTBALL, LAUSANNE 2016 Photography: Julie Wimmerlin