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Organising the Generation Games is really quite easy. You can do it yourself! So no worries. This user’s guide will give practical information and explains the 8 steps to take.

Practical user's guide

Are you interested in organising your own Generation Games edition? Great! We’ve got you covered. Follow the eight steps of our practical user’s guide and you’ll be on your way to hosting a successful event that promotes intergenerational health and wellbeing in your community. Below we provide an overview of the steps.

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The Generation Games is so much fun and so good!
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1. Set ambitions

Okay, let’s get started! First, it’s good to make an estimate of the scale of your edition. For example, to have a first idea of the number of participants you are aiming for. Depending on scale and ambition, you will probably need some kind of formal support and ‘green light’ by the city officials.

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2. Choose a location

Generation Games editions take place in the city center. It’s a perfect urban playground! So, choose a fun location in the city, a popular spot for the locals.

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3. Pick a date

You can choose any day of the year to organize your Generation Games edition. The event date is up to you.

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4. Choose your sports

You can offer any sport during the Generation Games. As long as the activity is fun and suitable for people of all ages. Regardless fitness level and how experienced. Below, we share some suggestions about the kind of sports and the number of sports.

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5. Form your organisation

It’s fun and purposeful to prepare and realize the Generation Games together. Involving organisations, networks and people of all ages and backgrounds. Many hands make light work. Because of the many people involved, the event needs good coordination. And by involving partners, you can keep your budget very low. Below you find suggestions.

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6. Develop your communication

Everyone in the city should know about the Generation Games event. Make a good communication plan, to get the event under the attention of the community and to have many enthusiastic participants!

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7. Make use of the designs

In any edition around the world, the city makes use of ready-to-use designs. The colors for each edition will be different, but style and look & feel are the same. The local editions are part of a large international ‘family’, each edition with a specific character. The designs underline this.

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Some examples


The actual Generation Games event is the result of preparations by several people and organisations. Your city probably knows what it takes to organise a sport for all event. Like a good script for the event-day, bad weather scenario, have some fruit/water, perhaps some mobile toilets. And other relevant aspects. 


Don’t forget: organising a sporting event always causes some stress, but try to enjoy the process and the event as well! ☺. We kindly ask you to inform us when you decide to organise an edition. You can do so at the login page. And afterwards, also please inform us about the results and share the evaluation. So we can improve the event. And we love to receive the photos of your edition! Other cities will be inspired as well!

We wish you lots of success and fun preparing your Generation Games edition.

Questions? Need feedback? Please let us know. We are more than happy to support!

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GENERATION GAMES, LAUSANNE 2016 Photography: Julie Wimmerlin

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Bring the Generation Games to your community! We are happy to support you in creating a meaningful event for your community. With the user’s guide, Q&A, and experiences shared by local coordinators in other cities, you can set up a successful event that will create lasting memories for people of all ages.

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