Involving organisations, networks and people.

It’s fun and purposeful to prepare and realize the Generation Games together. Involving organisations, networks and people of all ages and backgrounds. Many hands make light work. Because of the many people involved, the event needs good coordination. And by involving partners, you can keep your budget very low. Below you find suggestions.

Suggestions and tips

Each Generation Games edition is the result of teamwork. Involve volunteers for event management, communication, hospitality, photography, and many other activities.

Involve the Mayor’s office, Universities, networks of older persons, sports organisations, your National Olympic Committee, you name it!

One person will coordinate the event, the ‘local coordinator’. Coordination can of course also be done by 2 or more people, as long as roles and responsibilities are clear. The city can decide who plays this coordinating role. A civil servant, someone working for the sport for all organisation, the University (sport management students), and so forth.

involve national and international sports federations as well. For support, for (communication) materials, for clinics by athletes, and so forth.

SOME OF THE VOLUNTEERS, ROTTERDAM 2012 Photography: Gidn Hendriksen

Make an estimate of out-of-pocket costs, ‘inevitable costs’, the basics and the extras: what can partners contribute (volunteers, materials, and perhaps also with money).

Several universities around the world play a role during the Generation Games. We strongly advise you to connect with your Universities and schools! You provide great learning opportunities, and the students can play several roles as volunteer.

Partners can contribute with all kinds of expertise, materials, volunteers, and so forth: you know best which organisations and networks to involve.

TIP: make an estimate of out-of-pocket costs, ‘inevitable costs’, what are the basics, what are the extras: what can partners contribute (volunteers, materials, and perhaps also with money). Perhaps, the city administration, the municipality can support financially, but because it’s a budget low event, this is often not even necessary.

SOME OF THE VOLUNTEERS, ROTTERDAM 2012 Photography: Gidn Hendriksen

It’s possible to organize the event with a very low budget. Focus on partnerships: it’s not money that you need, but commitment, volunteers, sports materials, and so forth: who can contribute in kind? Who is willing to be part and contribute to the success?

Sports clubs, sports federations can supply sports equipment and can arrange volunteers. Several international sports federations will be happy to support. Local partners can supply food and drinks, print materials (needed for score card, banners) might be willing to give a discount, or for free, in return for some publicity.

Arranging the sports materials: make an inventory per sport, what is needed. For instance goals, balls, baskets, whistles, chalk to put on the streets, and so forth. Local sports clubs and other partners will be able to deliver most of the materials; materials don’t need to be expensive and very sophisticated! You can use simple materials and create a fun activity.