Welcome to the Generation Games!

An intergenerational sports event, for people of all ages and fitness levels. For and by the community: it’s a do-it-yourself event, which means you can set up your own edition at no cost as it is open source available!

Fun & with a Purpose

The Generation Games is a sport for all event, for people of all ages. Organised by and for the local community, as a do-it-yourself event. Organising an edition is quite easy: clear guidelines and ready-to-use designs will help you.

Everyone takes part

Mixed teams of various generations participate, regardless age, fitness level and abilities. The event is about generations sharing and learning from each other. Lifetime experience and fresh ideas connecting. And it’s about enjoying sport at any age!

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Creative concept is shared

The creative framework is available, organising cities don’t pay a fee. Why? The Generation Games is a non-profit initiative, with a focus on positive community impact, worldwide. Organised in cities like Lausanne, Oslo, Rotterdam, Tampere, Lillehammer, Salem, Amsterdam, Budapest and many others.

So… we invite communities and cities to organise their local edition. And to be part of this intergenerational, worldwide sport event and movement!

The teams had a very good time, the atmosphere was excellent.
Inka Helin
Generation Games Tampere 2017

How does it work?

1. Check out the concept & website: Please read the content of this website to get a good picture of what the Generation Games is all about. We hope you like it and consider to set up a local edition

2. If you are enthusiastic (we hope you are!), please let us know. In this way, we (as International Generation Games Association) are aware that you will organise an edition or consider to do so. Use our Login function to manage your edition(s) effortlessly. We’ve got your back with a handy checklist, ensuring you stay on top of all your preparations. There is also a community you can join to connect, share tips, and learn from fellow organisers.

3. Start your preparations by using the guide: simply follow the 8 steps you find in the do-it-yourself. And if you have a question along the way, you can always reach out! Better to ask a question than to assume, right?!

The 10 principles of the Generation Games

The Generation Games is based on a few simple principles. These attractive elements are visible during every Generation Games edition in the world.

1. IT’S FUN!

Above all, sport and play should be fun. Children, parents, grandparents love the Generation Games! Sporting together, intergenerational teamwork. In a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. Participants of all ages enjoy this pleasant and positive ambiance.


The event serves a purpose. Actually, more than one purpose! The event has several objectives: in the field of community impact, education, social, health, inclusiveness. All connected in a logical way. Leading to inspirational legacies, lasting and measurable effects.


Generations can learn a lot from each other. The event is about solidarity between generations, in a positive, uplifting way. Recognising that people at every age are of much value. During the preparations, and during the event itself.


Set up your own edition. Each city can decide on the scale of their edition: number of sports, number of days, number of participants: you decide! Each hosting city adds a local flavor to the Generation Games creative concept, making it tailor-made.


Creative framework is available for any city around the world. No fee. No bidding procedure. Leading principle is ‘sharing’: every city being able to organise an edition and positive community impact. You can simply use it!


By and for the community. Preparing the event together is part of the fun! Fresh ideas connecting with valuable experience. Local expertise and enthusiasm by students, senior citizens, and others. Partnerships over sponsorships. Shared + easy = do-it-yourself.


Editions take place in the city center. The city itself chooses the location in the city center: the main square, a park, using connecting streets. A unique environment for the participants.


People of all ages take part, regardless how fit they are. The event is inclusive, everyone will feel comfortable in participating. It’s about collaboration, not about winning.


Every edition can be realised with almost no budget. This is made possible by co-creating, barters with various partners (like local, national and international sports organisations and NGOs), no license fee, and availability of designs and creative format.


Each edition is ‘local’, the impact is global. All city editions together contribute to a positive movement. Cities become part of a growing ‘family’ of hosting cities.

Set up an edition of the Generation Games

Organising the Generation Games is really quite easy. You can do it yourself! So no worries. This user’s guide will give practical information and explains the 8 steps to take.

Just two tips before you start:

Tip 1: the user’s guide describes several ‘steps’. This does not mean you need to finish one step before you move on to the next. You can work on several steps at the same time. That’s also because the elements are interrelated, like the size of event location, number of sports, number of participants. So you can switch from one step to another, back and forth, developing your event plan.

Tip 2: we are here to support: it’s our pleasure to help you in setting up an edition. This website provides much information (User’s Guide, Questions & Answers, experiences by local coordinators in other cities). We fully understand, you still have questions. Please send us an email at any time!

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With dozens of successful editions under our belt, the Generation Games has proven to be a beloved event for communities worldwide. Our innovative approach to intergenerational connection and community-building has brought people of all ages together to share, learn and enjoy sport. We are proud to have created lasting memories and fostered connections for thousands of participants because of the contribution of great organisers and volunteers.

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