Choosing your location

Generation Games editions take place in the city center. It’s a perfect urban playground! So, choose a fun location in the city, a popular spot for the locals.

Suggestions and tips

You probably know best which locations in your city are ideal for the Generation Games. This could be a lively square, some streets and sidewalks, or a park in the city center. The teams can participate in various sports, walking along a circuit in the city center.

Having the event in the heart of the city, in a vibrant area, is great fun for the participants themselves and also for spectators. You will also have people that can try out some sports spontaneously. And a sport for all event in the city center is good city promotion as well!


Make sure you have enough room for the sports activities and for the number of people taking part in the event. For some activities you need more space than for others.

The location should not be too small (too crowded) or too large (a huge square with small group of participants is not good ambiance). This also relates to the number of sports you offer, the space between each activity.

As shared under 1. AMBITION, for some locations, you will need formal authorization. So, please involve the local officials. School editions of the Generation Games take place around the school yard. Schools probably don’t need formal authorization and can decide themselves.

During the process, please share your project plan with us, keep us informed. Our pleasure to give feedback!

The surface should be all right for the sports: flat and smooth, not too many obstacles around. Some sports, you can do at any underground. For others, you might prefer grass. You can also think of a mix of surfaces.

The location should ideally be accessible for people with a handicap, like participants in a wheelchair.

So, get your city map and check the best spot for your edition! ☺