Updated Generation Games website: new features

A new Generation Games website was launched in Spring 2023. The website has a new, fresh design and some additional tools and features.

The Generation Games is a do-it-yourself event: the concept is available, at no cost. The website therefore plays a crucial role in passing on the event. The International Generation Games Association simply provides the concept. The website aims to inform, inspire and activate (enable) people in cities and communities around the world to organise a local edition. The creative concept of the Generation Games is -for large part- self-explanatory. The website, the tools, the FAQ and other content make it possible for anyone around the world to set up an edition.

The new website offers some additional features: news items; newsletter; we added an 8th step (in the step-by-step guidelines towards a local edition); some extra tools in the toolkit, including photos from previous editions. The previous version of the toolkit already contained many designs of scorecards, beach flags, and also 193 Generation Games logo designs based on the colors of 193 countries around the world. All materials are easy to download, at no cost and free of rights. This will always remain the format: the concept is literally shared, to make sure that everyone who would like to set up an edition can do so, without paying a fee for the concept. The 100% availability and the ‘do-it-yourself’ philosophy should ideally optimise the positive societal impact of the Generation Games.

The International Generation Games Association will constantly update and improve the website. We welcome your feedback on the new website!

The Generation Games toolkit