Here, you find some very practical tools and designs. To develop materials to promote the event and use during the event. A scorecard. A promotional flyer. The event logo. A banner. The diploma. You simply add your texts, your sports, your Generation Games logo. It’s all very easy. So: download the tools and develop your materials. Good luck!

Two tips before you start:

Tip 1: You’ll see, it’s very easy, but you need someone who has some experience with designing software, like InDesign and Illustrator.

Tip 2: Our pleasure to check your designs, before you print and produce them. So, please send materials when you finish, or during the design process if you have questions.


We have designed 193 Generation Games logos, based on the color of the flags of all 193 countries. You can select the country of choice, and then you can easily add the name of the city and the date of your edition. Use it as decoration material during the event, and to promote the event on your website and social media.

Communication designs

Here you’ll find several designs you can use: for communication purposes, to promote the event. And materials to use during the event: designs of scorecards, beach flags, roll-up banners and other materials can be easily adjusted to your local edition.


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


Download (zip)


These images are free to use for your edition, please make sure you always add the name of the photographer to the image when using in any publication.

Photographer: Gidn Hendriksen

Photographer: Sverre Chr. Jarild

Photographer: Julia Wimmerlin

Photographer: Christine Thune