Generation Games editions in Norway

In 2023, no less than 39 towns all across Norway are preparing a Generation Games edition. From the most northern point to the south.

In 2022, 18 towns and cities in Norway organised an edition of the Generation Games. In all parts of this elongated country. Grimstad, Sandefjord, Bodø, Alta, Samnanger, Stord, Østre Toten, Ålesund, Ørsta, Lavangen, Skien, Suldal, Sokndal, Hol, Arendal, Verdal, Holmestrand and Stavanger.

Driving force behind all of this is the Centre for an age-friendly Norway. This organisation stimulates age-friendliness, involving older people in various activities, age-friendly cities, and so forth. In 2022, Norway celebrated the Year of Volunteerism. This is actually a great fit with the concept of Generation Games. Since volunteers play a crucial role in each Generation Games around the world, the Centre for an age-friendly Norway embraced the intergenerational event and inspired and enabled cities to set up an edition. During all of the editions, the community was closely involved.

Feedback by the organising towns very was positive. One aspect of the Generation Games clearly visible in the editions in Norway: flexibility and room for improvisation. Each of these editions came up with some very creative ideas. Citizen involvement was key. Various sports activities were offered, as well as cultural activities. What all editions had in common: a festive, sympathetic, relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages. Some of the towns that organised an edition in 2022 will fulfill a role as ‘mentor’ for cities that will organise their first edition. This is a really nice way of ‘passing on the baton’, and supporting others cities to organise a successful Generation Games edition. To read more about the 18 editions in 2022 in Norway, click here (this article is written in Norwegian).

For 2023, 39 municipalities have indicated they will set up an edition. An amazing job by the Centre for an age-friendly Norway.

Grandmother and child jumping over hordes during a Generation Games in Norway
Photographer: Sverre Chr. Jarild